About Us


Founded SMARK™

Started as a Photography Business


SMARK™ Media Works

Started Mediaworks by expanding services to Corporate Films,Ad-films,Concerts,Entertainment Videos,Short-films & Documentary Films,Travel Photography,Fashion Photography and Product Photography.

19th February 2016

Incorporated SMARK™

Incorporated as SMARK Technologies (OPC) Pvt.Ltd.Partnered with Pricejugaad for Promotional video campaigns & Amazon.in as an SPN (service provider network).


Saman Online Retail Store

Initiated E-commerce Business under the flagship name Saman (spelt as saamaan).Saman is a company owned & operated e-commerce business with a motto to deliver the original product by in-house quality check.


Founded tripo™

Established Tripo Travel & Adventures Pvt.Ltd from the management of SMARK.Tripo is an online trip planning and booking business.

SMARK™ Group